Renovation of commercial facades program

The objective of this grant program is to promote the renovation of commercial facades and signage in the greater downtown area defined in the urban plan, including the Bellerive neighbourhood and the historic district.   ...

If your business is located within the expanded downtown area (see map here), you may qualify for a grant dedicated for your business sign. This program is accessible for the owner or the tenant.

IMPORTANT: For 2016, the program is over.

Type of eligible display:

  • Wall sign (front or side)
  • Awnings

Type of ineligible display:

  • Window lettering and other applied style stickers

Grant amount: A maximum of 50% of the admissible fees up to a maximum of 2 500$.

Eligible expenses include:

  • Graphic and design fees for the realization of the model
  • The manufacturing of the sign
  • The installation

Easy process (steps to fallow):

  1. Always validate with the planning department (450 370-4310) the standars and regulations for displays (materials, layout, size, etc.) and obtaine the proper permit.
  2. Deliver the fallowing documents to Development and the community relations department (
    a. The application form completed and signed Application - Form - part II.
    b.Two bids from different suppliers for the realisation of the project.
    c.Specifications of the sign: materials, size, etc. (The complet description within the bid is accepted).


Click here for the full Regulation 262.


For any further information :
Kevin Memon
450 370-4770, poste 4879