Commercial development plan

In 2009, the City began preparing a commercial and urban development plan. Its main goals are to:

• Develop the downtown core’s recreational tourism, commercial, and institutional potential in a harmonious manner to better showcase its resources and encourage the development of new markets.

View the vidéo modélisation that illustrates the main areas to be developed under the proposed plan. The other documents related to the plan that were presented for public consultation can be found at the bottom of the page.

While it was not possible to prepare detailed presentations of each of the City’s proposed projects and improvement initiatives, the main overview highlights the key areas that are crucial to the development of the city, including the construction of a new market place behind City Hall; the reconfiguration of Du Centenaire Avenue; the exceptional redevelopment project for Victoria Street East, including the island and the roundabout; and the Buntin district real estate and residential development project.

It is important to note that even though not all the projects are illustrated in detail, many others will be carried out concurrently, including the rehabilitation and modernization of the Delpha-Sauvé Park aquatic and recreational facilities (underway or planned); the extension of the bike network, which will make it easier to get around downtown, to the commercial and institutional hubs in particular; the greening of thoroughfares; accent lighting showcasing various notable architectural or heritage elements; and the creation of central parking areas, among others.

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